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About Us

We have established ourselves as an elite in the field of service excellence. With certifications, skillsets along with over 50 years combined experience to ensure homeowners a fit and proper inspections are carried out in ensuring
your unit becomes defect-free and a quality one.

We aim to educate and instill our knowledge in homeowners along the process and during our consultation so as to be self-sufficient when it comes to defects.

SGDefectScan is the only defects inspection company providing 24/7 consultation via WhatsApp for property owners and inspecting properties of all phases covering (New / Resale / Post-Renovation / Pre-Purchase / Rental)
at reasonable prices.

sg Defectscan

Modern Technology for Professional Results

The first Defect Inspection company in Singapore to bring technology to conduct inspections and deliver reports in developer’s formats to property owners almost instantly without any delay.

Our comprehensive defect report is generated instantly using our in-house applications and provided to homeowners without any delay. Such reports are vital and any lags will cause further delays in getting any appointment to rectify the highlighted defects.

As such, we have brought digitalization to complement our experience and skillsets in the field of inspection.



SG Defectscan

Aim. Vision. Mission.

Our aim is for property owners to have an ease of mind and not to worry about unreasonably high prices that comes with minimal output. Along with high prices,  companies also take a ridiculous amount of time to deliver results and quality reports. With our strategic manpower deployment, we complete an inspection within couple of hours rather than the usual 6-7 hours quoted by other companies in the market.

We not only provide report in developers’ format, it comes with all photos taken at the property and 24/7 WhatsApp consultation to ensure you see through this defect inspection process and progress to the next phase with ease.


To be the most sought after Defect Inspections and Consultancy firm in Singapore.


To enable customers to achieve their objectives by providing best-in-class consulting and defect inspection services. To make it a joy for all customers to work with us.

With the certifications, skillsets along with over 50 years combined experience to ensure property owners a fit and proper inspection is carried out to ensure the property becomes defect-free and with quality finishes.





Bashir was formerly the Quality  Inspector for A1 Contractor, Tiong Aik Construction Pte. Ltd. He has over 20 years of experience in  Quality Control, Management and Maintenance. Most of the projects under his management, has attained BCA CONQUAS Star such as Nouvel 18 and Marine Blue. 

Mohd Ismael

Mohd Ismael


Ismael was formerly with Straits Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd, an A1 Contractor and Subsidiary of Hoi Hup Realty Pte. Ltd. as  Management Executive handling Quality and Maintenance. With over 10 years, he has inspected over 20,000 units (Residential and Commercial).

Abdul Hafeez

Abdul Hafeez


Hafeez is well equipped and experienced in the field of Quality Management for over 5 years and is currently part of Management Group handling the operations of the company. 

Lim Wei Cong

Lim Wei Cong


Lim Wei Cong held Management positions with Sub-Contracting companies and is well versed  in CONQUAS Assessment with experience over 8 years.  He has inspected various types of units from residential to commercial properties.

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Are you Licensed?

SG DefectScan is registered with ACRA ( UEN: 202034596C ) Certified Bizsafe, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001. Our Inspectors are certified and experienced with the necessary knowledge in
Building and Construction (over 50 years of combined experience). These certificates and testimonials are always presented to property owners at all our appointments to ensure transparency and that your home is inspected by a qualified inspector.

We have also established to be the best in the industry when it comes to eye for details and service excellence. Professional and Customer-Oriented service is what you can expect from each and every single one from our company.

Do you use Professional Equipment to conduct Inspection?

Our equipments have been Certified ROHS Compliant and is Industry Standards. Not to worry, our field experts will run through with you on every single equipment that is used in your unit. The equipment are Approved Safe for Environment use. 

Where you located?

22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76, Midview City S(573969)

How do I contact your Representative?

You may call or whatsapp us directly at +65 8776 6987. Alternatively you may write in to us via our website or email to [email protected]

Where can I get more information on your company services on social media?

For more information, please explore our Instagram and Facebook pages : @SGDefectScan