Leave the defects to Us, Have a Peace of Mind



SG DefectScan Pte Ltd (“the Company”) is dedicated to offering top-notch services for residential defects inspections. Based on the scope of the service package selected by the homeowner, we try to as precisely identify potential flaws and problems in properties.

Please be aware that despite the thoroughness and high caliber of our inspection procedures, it does not provide a warranty against all probable defects. Due to the type or location of some defects, they might not be seen during the inspection. Furthermore, following the inspection procedure, newer defects could appear.

The rectification of defects is not the Company’s responsibility. The relevant developers or contractors and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) are in charge of rectifying any defects. Clients are recommended to notify the accountable parties as soon as feasible for further rectification of any new defects discovered (after repair).

The Company does not have control over the timeframe or rectification procedure, but it produces a report and informs the appropriate parties of the defects found. Any delays, unsatisfactory rectification, or defects resulting from the rectification procedure are not the Company’s liablity.

Refunds for our services will only be taken into consideration if there is an evident failure in the way we provided those services, not based on the degree to which any defects were rectified or whether they were reasonably discernible at the time of inspection.

The client accepts these conditions by using SG DefectScan Pte Ltd’s services

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