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Defects Inspection FAQ

How long does the defects inspection take?

Initial inspection will take 2-3 hours and we will run through the defects at the end of the inspection for 15 minutes.

Will you be able to lodge defects via Novade / Funnel / FinalCAD mobile application?

We will lodge the defects via the application used by your developer and submit the report to the developer on your behalf.


What is your scope of inspection?

We inspect the whole unit for architectural, electrical and plumbing items for workmanship, functionality and finishing issues.

As for latent defects (which take time to surface), developers and contractors will generally entertain these defects even after you have moved into the house.

How many inspectors will you sending for the inspection?

We send 1-2 inspectors per unit. In the case, the unit size is bigger, we will send 3-4 inspectors respectively.

Do you complete for us the defect forms?

Yes, all our inspections include a defect report in the developer’s format that will be submitted on your behalf to the developer. Owners will receive a copy of this submission as well.

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Are you Licensed?

SG DefectScan is registered with BCA, NEA, ACRA ( UEN: 202034596C ) Certified Bizsafe, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001. Our Inspectors are certified and experienced with the necessary knowledge in Building and Construction (over 50 years of combined experience).

We have also established to be the best in the industry when it comes to eye for details and service excellence. Professional and Customer-Oriented service is what you can expect from each and every single one from our company.

Do you use Professional Equipment to conduct Inspection?

Our equipments have been Certified ROHS Compliant and is Industry Standards. Not to worry, our field experts will run through with you on every single equipment that is used in your unit. The equipment are Approved Safe for Environment use. 

Where you located?

22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76, Midview City S(573969)

How do I contact your Representative?

You may call or whatsapp us directly at +65 8776 6987. Alternatively you may write in to us via our website or email to [email protected]

Where can I get more information on your company services on social media?

For more information, please explore our Instagram and Facebook pages : @SGDefectScan